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First of all A Very Happy New Year to one and all - we hope you had a good Christmas and will have a great new year.

Announcement from Chris Wilson

(Now what does he want, I hear you say}

He is asking if you would like to have a community event in May which would be joining up with National Celebrations for the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

May Day Bank Holiday has been moved this year (2020) to allow for a long weekend around the 8th May to commemorate VE Day.

He is looking for suggestions on what we as a community could do to join in with the national events.

Street Party, Village Parade, Party in the Park, Street teams competition, 40's style dance etc.

He is open to your suggestions.

Please let him know if you think the Village should do something.

It is an inevitable fact that time moves forward which prevents us from going back ourselves, we should enjoy to the full the moments we are given which ensure that the past is not forgotten and that the future is greeted with open arms

Contact Christ on 01673 858138 or 

East Barkwith Gardeners -

Had their AGM in late November, memberships were renewed and the 2020 programmes given out which includes gardening meetings etc and also incorporates more of Les Robinsons' trips and holidays.

The AGM signalled a break over Christmas and the next meeting will be in late January for a Social Evening and Buffet followed by entertainment of some sort, which is still be decided and this will kick start the new gardening year.

Newsletter November 2019

If you want to be part of something that matters in life why not join in community activities .

They are put on for you to enjoy and it allows strong bonds to be formed.



A new member to our committee was welcomed and regret the loss of one, so  there is still a request for more Volunteers to help with the running and up-keep of the hall.

Currently the team is looking to improve the heating system.


Thanks to all who returned their questionaires and expressed their views.  This will help the team to focus on what the people feel needs to be done to improve the area.


You may still get a chance to see the Parish field in its full autumn colour should it stop raining.   The Owl nest boxes project is under way.   Volunteers have stepped forward to help with their construction.   If you know of a suitable location for an Owl next box (Barn or Tawny) or a Bat box within  East/West Barkwith or Panton Parish please contact one of the members or Chris 01673 858138 (boxes are free)  The request is to locate them in a suitable place where they can be seen by the public but not where  viewing will place pressure on the users or landowners.


The History Group organised another field walking and metal detecting day on Sunday 13th Octover.  Despite the poor weather conditions (it rained all day) a few items were found and are being cleaned and logged from site of an Iron Age settlement.   Thanks for Mr and Mrs Stamp for allowing the team access.   Thanks also to the team members for setting up and clearing away the base camp.   Other dates will be set for further events around the Parish and these will be sorted out when weather conditions permit


This was held on the 26th October and thanks to all who helped to set up, run and clear up afterwards and to all who came along and supported the event, raising money for the play area.

Thanks to Mr and Mrs A Flint for donating the prizes.


This was held on Sunday 10th November at 10.45am at the War Memorial, followed by refreshments in the Village Hall.


Mr P Fuller for conducting the service

Mr and Mrs T Bollan for reading out the names of our fallen.

Mr R Copeland for playing the last post on his bugle.

Wragby Scout group for providing the guard of honour.

Mrs Y Wilson, Mrs M Gibson and Mrs G Clark for serving the refreshments.

Mrs M Tyson for supplying the electricity for the sound system.

The members of the history group for setting up and clearing  away the exhibition of our fallen.

Mr Tom Manders and Miss Brown for laying the wreaths (it was felt inappropriate to take photo during the service)

And to all who came.

Money that was donated at the event (£55.20) was given to Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

Thanks to Mr and Mrs C Fincham for displaying their moving tribute to the fallen of the Parish of Panton (and for all those who only left a shadow of their passing)   This was placed at the road juncition in Panton.


I regret that there was not enough time to get a suitable location to put on a Bonfire and Firework display.   This had been due to the poor ground conditions, I'll do be tter next year.  (sounds like one of my end of year reports from Teacher!)

I also wish to thank Simon at the Crossroads Inn for a very delicious meal on Sunday 15th and contrary to the malicious rumours the pub is not closing.

I have organised a band DEADBEAT CLUB  to play at the Crossroads Inn on  Saturday 14th December 8.30pm onwards, you are  more than welcome to come along and enjoy  evening.